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Soil Is Our Common Ground

What is Regenerate America™?

Regenerate America™ is an unprecedented coalition of farmers, businesses, nonprofits, and individuals from every corner of our country and all political stripes. Together, we are elevating the voices of farmers and ranchers demanding that the 2023 Farm Bill shift resources & support towards regenerative agriculture. 

Regenerate America is convened by the national soil health nonprofit organization, Kiss the Ground.

How can you join the campaign?

Get involved in the campaign as:

- A farmer, by signing your name to the petition, sharing your story, and contacting your Senator and Representative to let them know you want the next Farm Bill to support regenerative agriculture;

- An organization, by joining the coalition, endorsing the campaign, and helping amplify the voices of regenerative farmers all across the country;

- A business, by joining the coalition and the Business Assembly, where you can provide direct financial support to specific projects and initiatives;

- An individual, by helping grow the grassroots base of support for regenerative agriculture by participating in activities and sharing about the campaign.  Have a Senator or Representative on the Ag Committee? Reach out about joining the Regenerate America™ Key District Advocate Program, where we provide specific resources and guides for constituents of the legislators that will be drafting the bill.

This is a collaborative space

We want to make sure you always have easy access to the tools you need to confidently advocate for the campaign. Join this space so that you can connect with other coalition members, can stay updated on events, campaign news, and more. 

A big thanks...

To all of the amazing soil health advocates, who inspire us to always strive for big, transformative changes so that we can create the world we want to live in. 

Together, we can do this!

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